I recently watched a great video from ROW.ERS featuring Samuel Wells and how he created a 'Culture of Confidence' at Oxford University Lightweight Rowing Club securing the first Boat Race win after a 5 year losing streak.

Whatever your industry or profession, confidence in yourself and your team can often be key to a successful performance.

How can you create confidence within your team?

1. Look at the data. Taking moment to look back at your previous successes is a great exercise, they don't have to be big things, a win is a win, big or small. This will help you to work out the series of actions or process that leads to the successful outcome. 

2. Focus on the process and have confidence in that. This doesn't necessarily need require you to be confident in the outcome. In my honest opinion I rarely went into a race thinking we would win, but I ALWAYS knew what we needed to do to put ourselves in contention. For example  "To give us the best chance of success we need to X, Y & Z , and we've done X, Y & Z hundreds of times so lets do that and see where it puts us". Control the controllable's and have the confidence to execute the correct process in each challenge you face.

 3. Build up your colleagues and team members - Don't underestimate the positive impact of telling someone that you "believe in them" (obviously feel free to paraphrase to avoid sounding cliché). Peer-to-Peer praise is powerful, and in some situations carries more clout than praise from Management - after all, it's kinda their job to fire up the team. My Great Britain Rowing teammate Graeme Thomas was fantastic at this, he always had an unwavering confidence in me, and made sure that I knew that before we raced. It soon reaches a stage where it is hard not to believe in yourself when you are surrounded by people that do.