The transition out of sport is a challenge that all full-time sportswomen/men will inevitably face. Give yourself the best chance of a smooth transition by preparing for it.

Build your network - If you haven't already, create a LinkedIn profile and follow the pages of companies that interest you. Reach out to individuals and ask "Can you tell me what a typical day at your company involves?". 

Learn whilst you train -  If you have access to a UK Sport Development Fund, make use of it to do any courses or qualifications that might be relevant. There are also plenty of free resources online. Read books you wouldn't usually go for, Learn a language, Go to public lectures. 

Connect with the Transition Specialists - Various organisations are offering support services to transitioning athletes - Switch the Play, Moving Ahead, LAPS, Athlete Career Transition. A google search of 'Athlete Transition' will bring up many more.

Remember -The skills and traits that make you a successful athlete are the same skills and traits that will make you fantastically successful in your post sport career.