The latest Row to Rio video from the Great Britain Rowing Team was released today, with the focus on why athletes love the sport. 

When it's a beautiful day there is no better place to train, excersise, or compete, than out on the water. 

In my opinion, the part of the video that rings most true, which is touched on by George and Andy, is the idea that rowing creates bonds and friendships that last a lifetime. That is what I love about the sport. I know Old Boys that still stay meet up with their crew mates from 10/20/30/40years ago. (Usually at HRR over a pimms...)

Maybe success plays a part in this? Are these bonds or friendships hardened with race wins and medals? 

For me the moment that cemented the bond of the boys in the quad, was the breakthrough bronze medal at the World Championships in 2013. That moment will always be there, and nothing will change that. I know we (myself, Sam, Pede & GT) will fondly look back on that time, when we won our first ever World Champs medal, share a beer, and talk about our crazy trip to South Korea.