With 100 days to go until the kick off of Rio 2016, the rowers of Team GB take time to give thanks to the people who helped them get onto this Olympic journey.

The athletes will be the ones who race, stand on the podium and get those lovely shiny medals. But it's important to remember,  that medal isn't solely theirs. They share it with everyone in their support system, Everyone who has influenced their path which led them to the podium. 

Parents who drove them to and from training when they were young. Family members who were understanding when told "I can't make little Jimmy's christening". Girlfriends and wives who put up with the 3/4months away on training camp and the bad moods when things don't go well. Inspiring coaches and PE teachers who generated the passion in the first place. They all have a share in that medal.

Im not racing in Rio but I have had one hell of a ride they last few years so I want to say a big thanks to;

Adrian Cassidy & World Class Start - Who shaped me from Willingham ruffian to world class rower.

My Parents / Grandparents - Who often acted like a taxi service so I could go rowing. And always let me know everything WILL be okay.

My siblings (all 8 of them) - Who think I'm a superstar regardless of World Championship/Olympic results.

Ben Kipling & The Willingham Buoys and Miss Pottie - Who keep me grounded if I ever get too big for my boots.

And Everyone else who believed, and help me achieve my goals. This list isn't an entirety but you know who you are.