The young guns of British rowing were out on lake Caversham today to compete for places in the World Senior , U23 and University Games GB team.

The Senior World Champs in Olympic are for non- Olympic class boats. Ie ones that are not on the Oly schedule; Men's Coxes Pair, Women's Four etc. Rowing nations often send younger / developing athletes to give them competive racing at international level.

Leander Club had a brilliant showing, with Cameron Buchan and Matt Rossiter winning the men's pair event. Fellow Leander athletes Lady Katherine Douglas and Fi Gammond won the women's pair.

Tom Barras (also of LC) won the men's single, in a time of 7:03.3. This is made more impressive by the fact he is a relative young guy, still eligible for U23 this year.

Mathilda Hodgkins-Byrne of Reading Univeristy Boat Club won the women's single very comfortably. Mathilda already has U23 vest, so this year she will be focused on bringing back some hard wear from Rotterdam.